Cloud Rosters – Free Rostering Software

Cloud Rosters – Free Rostering Software

Hey Guys, Nate here – I’m proud to announce that i’ve been working on free rostering software¬†for small businesses and in particularly the Australian hospitality industry. It seems like many people currently use excel to create their rosters and then will email their staff with the excel file when they are finished or print it and put it up on the wall for staff to take a photo off. Either method they choose you will probably find yourself on your phone going back to that excel file or photo and pinching your screen to try and read a big table on a phone screen.

For this reason we created a specific mobile view that makes it easy to view shifts, as well as being easier for staff to view the rosters it’s even easier to edit them using our suite of tools.

Free Rostering Software

free rostering software cloud rosters

Here are some of the editing tools for cloud rosters.

  • Save
  • Share to a list of emails
  • Add Employee
  • Add Day
  • Clone Roster (Useful for following weeks)
  • Delete Roster

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The Home Page reads…

Not only is it incredibly easy for you to start creating rosters and sending them to your staff, but your staff are going to love the way you can easily view rosters on their phone, tablet and computer. Share the edit key with your managers and they can easily make changes to the roster, then whenever someone views the roster they will see the most current version with a timestamp of when the roster was last edited.


Cloud Rosters is being updated as I find time to keep the project alive when i’m not doing web dev, there is a change log that is viewable for the project that updates as we make changes.