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About Domain Names

Things to Consider

Choosing a domain name for your website can be a bit difficult if you’re not familiar with the various aspects that affect your website rankings and business performance. At Nswebdev, we provide the best support to our clients in selecting the perfect domain names so that they can gain maximum benefits for brand protection and online exposure. When you decide to register a domain name for your website, here are few factors we advise everyone to consider.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): There are two factors related to the domain names that influence the SEO implementation and search engine result page (SERP) rankings of your website- Exactly Matching Domain (EMD) and Click-through rates (CTRs).
Until 2010, the businesses were highly inclined to buying domain names containing their prime keyword phrase considering it advantageous for the search engine rankings. The Google EMD Update 2010 has imposed new algorithm restrictions over SEO ratings only due to keyword based domain name if it is not rich in contents or other factors.

The keyword rich domain names have a very high advantage over the CTRs when the brand owners consider placing featured ads on the search engines. Considering sponsored listings is often assorted as a means of gaining instant traffic to the new websites, it has been found that customers are more likely to click on a search specific domain than a website with a generic or irrelevant URL id.

Top Level Domain

Top Level Domain (TLD): Initially, the TLDs had a specific purpose and restricted to the use for different areas of businesses. The most prominent TLDs are

  • .com- Used by commercial websites
  • .net- Individuals or organizations under some networking system
  • .edu- Reserved specifically for educational institutes in the US ( for Australia)
  • .org- Used by companies and organizations

Today the regulations pertaining to the domain name extensions limited to specific organizations and purposes are not mandatory any more so, except for the .edu extensions, anyone can choose extensions as per choices. While we highly advise our customers to choose .com extensions, you can still prefer to use a .net extension in case you do not find the other alternative available.

For more information, any type of suggestion on choosing the perfect domain name or assistance in registration, please feel to call us or send an email. Our customer support team will be there to help you at the earliest.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection: While SEO is important for your website traffic, the bigger goal of online marketing is to establish your brand identity that will make your product line more recognizable and memorable to the audience for a long-term customer relationship. Choosing brandable domain names takes your website business to a new dimension.

We highly advise to register multiple domain names and later redirect them tactfully to protect your brand identity and prevent other websites from using similar URLs that often create identity crisis and traffic sharing to other companies. Here are some reasons why multiple domain names can benefit your business

  • Bestow ultimate support for your internet marketing campaigns
  • Direct high emphasis on niche specific attributes of your business
  • Secure brand identity online to pull the bulk chunk of potential customers
  • Raise future prospects of business growth in different countries with location based extensions
  • Gain advantage over the search engine indexing and listings

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