How to make your website load faster (Image Optimization)

How to make your website load faster (Image Optimization)

Whilst there are many contributing factors to how fast your website will load for different users, one of the easiest ways to make your site load faster and one of the most common problems on many small business sites are due to images not being compressed or in the best formats for the web. In this post we will explain the difference between PNG & JPEG file types, when to use them and how to ensure that they are correctly compressed.


A very common file type for images across the web is JPEG, this file type is ideal for photos, it should be used when you are placing a photo on your website that doesn’t require transparency, note that a photo and an image are different things, a photo is taken by a camera whilst an image can be made by a computer and include text. If you make a photo into a .png file it will be much larger than it needs to be, taking up more space on your website.


PNG has it’s best use for images, the two most common uses of a PNG on your website will be your logo and an image that needs a transparent background to keep a consistent design.


There are two types of compression when it comes to photo/image files, lossless and lossy, these refer to the quality of the image, lossless compression makes the file size smaller without changing the way the image looks. Lossy refers to compressing the image by lowering the quality. We recommend using¬† for compressing your images, it’s the perfect mix of lossless and lossy compression without compromising visible quality – they also have a WordPress plugin – details are below.


Images are displayed at a certain size on a web page, determined by the width and height of where they are located on the website. Your website should ensure that all images are no larger than the size that they are being viewed.

WordPress Compression Plugin


Available here this plugin lets you compress all the images on your WordPress site and compresses any png or jpg files that you upload automatically. Once you have installed it you can go to the media page on your WordPress install to bulk compress all the images that have been uploaded. You need to sign up for an API key for it to work which allows you to compress 500 images a month for free.

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