SEO Optimised Images

For the best SEO possible your images need to have the right tags, the right sizing and the right compression. Lacking in any or all of these fields can give your competitors the edge over you.

Content Delivery Network

We can set up a content delivery network for you, ensuring that all resources are loaded simultaneously and minified. We suggest using Cloudflare to keep your website online 24/7.

Page Speed & Usability

Having good SEO is also about having the best experience for your users. Search Engines rank websites poorly if they have poor usability and take a long time to load.

Keywords & Content

Your home page text needs to be optimized for the keywords that people will search for you with. Allow us to modify your content to ensure best SEO practices are being adhered to.

Meta Tags & Sitemap

Submit all your pages to Google the right way, ensuring that as much content as possible is getting indexed correctly using correct meta tags and mapping out your site in an XML Sitemap.

Social Media Integration

Correctly integrating Social Media with your website shows that you have a large audience to search engines and can allow for higher ranking of your site.


We can do market research for you to find the best target demographic, locations, what people use to search for your service, how many people are searching for you and the amount of traffic your website has before and after we do SEO on your site.


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