The Importance of an SSL Certificate


What is SSL?

Security Sockets Layers aka SSL provides websites with a kind of security so that sensitive information like name, phone numbers, credit card numbers and addresses of the clients are handled without a hitch. An SSL certificate is vital for any ecommerce site since it makes sure all these sensitive information remains secured and private. Surely none of us would be comfortable in sharing our personal info and bank details with a website which doesn’t come with a SSL certificate. The easiest way of securing and protecting a website from hackers is by installing a SSL certificate. It is mandatory for any ecommerce portal to install a SSL certificate not only to thwart the hackers but also to make their customers more comfortable with sharing their personal information.


Search Engines & SSL

Moreover Google has recently announced that installing an SSL certificate is the easiest thing ecommerce site owners can do to boost their ranking on the search engine results. This applies to all site irrespective of whether they contain personal information or not. This implies that even when a site doesn’t have a login page, a checkout page or any other sensitive or personal info they can still get a SEO boost by installing an SSL certificate on their site. A site which comes with SSL is naturally more trusted by the visitors. Moreover when the browsers make use of HTTPS connections their security policy are automatically raised thus keeping the hackers at bay. Google has made it abundantly explicit that sites with a SSL certificate are more likely to get a higher ranking on their search engine.




3rd Party Payment Gateways

Sites which use Paypal or any similar 3’rd party payment gateway where all the sensitive data are processed at the website of the gateway, don’t need an SSL certificate. This is because when a customer buys an item from such a site, they are automatically redirected to sites like Paypal to fill out all the necessary info and complete the transaction. In such a case the website is not responsible for capturing the personal data and banking info. However in case you accept the credit card information on your site and then forward that info to any payment processor then you surely need to install a SSL certificate.


Other Reasons to Get an SSL Certificate

Moreover site owners also need to go for SSL certificates to gain the trust of their customers. When your visitors see a green bar or a lock icon on the browser they can be sure that the site they are visiting is secured. This automatically implies that they would trust your site more than the others and therefore more likely to make a purchase. In other words the SSL certificate gives your website a trust seal which would instil faith and trust in the minds of your visitors.

SSL certificate would also guard your site against phishing. Phishing emails are those which contain links which might lead customers to a replica of a reputable site. Disguising themselves as shipping confirmation or ads these emails can easily collect the banking info of your customers for malicious purposes. If your customers don’t get to see any sign of security on your site then they are more likely to switch on to another site without giving out any information.

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